Be that Person....

I am reminded in working with people everyday the amount of power that others have on those around them. What if we lived in a world where we began loving people, the ones that are easy to love first, and those that are harder to love later? What if we were able to allow others words to be their words and not internalize them as ick that becomes our own beliefs? 

Stay at Home Chef, a blogger that I follow here and there and I am sure is on all social medias has it right!!! Check her out and watch this video that is an everyday woman just speaking her truth.

You may wonder why I putting a food blogger on our webpage. Well all I can say Ladies and Gentlemen is that while we are going through the counseling process with you, our hope is always that you can find the strength and joy she has found in loving herself.  She proclaims that it took "work" to get there. We are not afraid to help you with that work!